Today at BSD, we formally launched our 25th anniversary celebrations with our staff.  A small committee  – which was made up of a colleague from each office – arrived in their respective work places early this morning to blow up helium balloons featuring the BSD 25th logo before tying them to each desk chair and placing a postcard on the keyboard for each employee.

The postcards have asked all staff to tell us how they would like to celebrate this special occasion.  Each office will hold its own event but they will all take place on the same day so staff can link up and share their celebrations on social media using the hashtag #BSD25.

The atmosphere in the offices has been great fun as colleagues discuss what type of celebration they would like to hold. A team-building activity day is high on the list so far, with other suggestions such as laser-tagging, clubbing, the races and a trip to the sea-side also vying for contention.

Our thanks to Jo and Jemma from Cartwright Communications, in Nottingham, who have helped co-ordinate the ordering and delivery of the postcards, balloons and accessories to each office.  They will also be helping with other ideas that we will be revealing in due course.