Leading the way with BIM

Efficiency is key in every industry. We’re always trying to find solutions to become more efficient or cost effective – that’s why we became the first SME in the UK to be Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 certified.

In May 2011, the government published its Construction Strategy, which aimed to reduce the cost of public sector assets by up to 20% by 2016. Using this new BIM workflow means that construction suppliers – whether they’re architects, electrical or mechanical engineers – will bring together their plans and information into one shared overall 3D software platform.  It creates a paper trail, which also stores information on all building materials ordered. This encourages collaborative working and transparency, creating a full picture of the end design.

BSD embraced this new way of working in order to deliver an enhanced service to clients, as working in compliance with BIM Level 2 offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved carbon performance
  • Predictable planning – you can identify risks before they arise

The process doesn’t stop there. Once the construction is complete the collated building information continues to act as a guide or ‘building map’. (If a light fitting maintenance replacing in the building, you can refer back to the data model and find out exactly what model it uses and what part it needs.)

BSD was quick to trial this at its head office in Kettering, using a ‘BIM Champion’ to promote internally, and then rolled out to all regions once tested. By having this internal process, it allowed the adoption of this new way of working to happen in a timely manner and for BSD to be the first BRE certified SME to adopt this strategy.

Case studies

UEA – Crome Court

The University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich required a new 231-bedroom environmentally friendly student residence, which would enhance its growing reputation and meet capacity demands.

We produced detailed designs and handled the project management of the mechanical and electrical services. Our involvement extended from the planning and construction stages through to commissioning, drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in BIM and the software we use called REVIT.

Crome court is now providing UEA with state-of-the-art student accommodation that produces 95% less CO2 emissions than a structure of similar size that adheres to the normal building regulation standards. It’s recognised as one of the UK’s leading examples of a building that is environmentally sustainable and architecturally significant.


  • Construction Computing Awards
  • Collaboration Project of the Year 2014
  • RICS Awards
  • Design through innovation 2015
  • Green Gown Award for the Built Environment 2015


We are currently working on a new educational building for Huntingdon Regional College, which will consist of 3,000 sq ft m2 of floor space over two storeys. Completely BIM Level 2 compliant, we will deliver the mechanical and electrical requirements for the whole building.

The iMET building is a case study for the use of BIM and Government Soft Landings that will provide a training exercise in the project process for those individuals attending iMET and the construction industry.

Located just outside of Huntingdon at Alconbury Weald, the building is due to be opened in September 2018.