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Dimitrios Poulios

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

I came to BSD after obtaining my MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University. Before that, I was studying Mechanical Engineering in Greece, acquiring a BSc (Hons) from the department of Energy Technology of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

As a graduate mechanical engineer, my journey has just begun. By being the newest member in the Birmingham office, my job is to assist the Senior Engineers to their various projects and at the same time to get the training that is required to become a successful Mechanical Engineer myself. Our office’s friendly atmosphere makes every working day for me a pleasure.  BSD supports work-life balance, which is one of the things that I cherish.

Outside work, I prefer going out, as life is too short to stay within four walls. When I am at home, a coffee and a good book to accompany me is what I treasure the most.