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Radek Runowski

Senior Electrical Engineer

I joined BSD in 2009 and work with really great people.  As a team, we always do our best to meet deadlines and to keep clients happy.  I’ve been given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and enjoy my role as senior electrical engineer in Corby.  To be honest (because I always am), I would enjoy my work even more if I could bring my dog, Kendo, with me.

My interests include photography (I take photos of my dog) and walking across the fields to find artefacts relating to the history of England, with a metal detector (and my dog). I love the countryside, particularly Scotland, the Peak District, the Lake District and Wales and taking long, long walks (with my dog). After 20 years, I’ve fallen in love again with my electric guitars.  Oh, and did I mention my dog?