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Sam Pearce

Management Accountant

My job is to help drive the success of the business by combining accounts, finance and management.   Mention the word “accountant” to most people and they immediately conjure up an image of a boring number cruncher, someone who does the books or helps HMRC ensure that tax payers pay their dues.  I am on a one-man crusade to prove people wrong!

I aim to help BSD grow and build real value into its business over the next few years. Typically, this will involve my support and advice with a whole host of activities including strategic and business planning, performance management, systems design and implementation as well as more traditional profit improvement services as well as first class tax planning and advice.

As a busy Dad of two small boys, my partner and I don’t really have much time for ourselves.   However, given the chance I love working on cars, playing golf, and watching horse racing and sports.