Constructionline – awarded gold status

What is Constructionline?
Constructionline is a Government-run scheme, which collects, assesses and monitors standard company information through a series of questions that are aligned to PAS91.

What is PAS 91?
PAS 91 is a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) which was developed to reduce the need for repeating an assortment of questionnaires for clients.

Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) the question set has been commissioned by Government and is a recommended common minimum standard for construction procurement.

By delivering a standardised PQQ format, PAS 91 aims:

  • To help businesses, like ourselves, to understand what information is required at pre-qualification stage
  • Increase uniformity between various pre-qualification questionnaires and databases
  • The process also helps buyers identify suitably qualified businesses

What Does Constructionline Assess?
Constructionline looks at a range of aspects, of a business, from financials to operational processes such as health and safety. It also looks at compliance issues, which apply to the services we offer, and only asks for information that is relevant to our business.

So why did we go for Gold and what does this mean?
To benefit the relationships with our existing clients and also to help to meet their requirements when applying for future schemes and public-sector frameworks.

This means that we successfully completed: –

  • The enhanced PQQ question set that went beyond the data collected by PAS91 to include Environmental Management, Quality Management, Equalities and Diversity. It also ensures we abide legislation in areas such as Modern Slavery, Anti-bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities.
  • Health and Safety SSIP certificate – we were assessed for and awarded, an Acclaim or ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ SSIP certificate, demonstrating to Buyers that we comply with Health & Safety legislation.
  • This now demonstrates to buyers that BSD has been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management.

Well done to Sam Duel (HR Co-Ordinator) and Charlotte Glover (Business Development Manager) for all their hard work as this was a challenging process to say the least.