Electrical engineering intern Ismail Walsh bids goodbye to BSD

After a summer of working with our Birmingham office, we’re bidding farewell to our electrical engineering intern: Ismail Walsh.

During his time with us, Ismail carried out calculations and drawing work for a variety of projects – from Birmingham’s BLOC Hotel scheme to Freemen’s Common student accommodation in Leicester. Ismail has now gone back to complete his final year at the University of Leicester.

After working at BSD, he is now more prepared than ever to enter the world of employment post-graduation. Before he departed, we asked Ismail for some final words to summarise his time with us and what he learned whilst working at BSD.

What was your role at BSD during your internship?

As an electrical engineering intern, it was my responsibility to assist and support the main engineering team. We worked on an array of projects, completing the designs for lighting systems, fire safety plans, containment and LV (low-voltage) distribution for an array of different buildings.

My role also included completing calculations and simulations to test the designs for any faults or complications. It was incredibly important to ensure that client requirements – and British Standard regulations – were met.

What was a typical day for you?

One of the best things about working at BSD was that no day was ever the same. Every task was fresh and interesting.

I did however have a routine first thing in the morning. I would usually arrive in the office at 8:50am, make a coffee and check my emails. I’d then catch up with my manager to discuss any new projects I had been assigned or provide updates on the designs I had been working on. Then, I would complete a variety of tasks for a number of different clients, working closely with the engineering team.

I also spent some of my time in client meetings. I learnt how to follow a clear brief and interact with the clients I would be designing for. Following these meetings, I would return to the office and send my notes to colleagues involved in the project.

What did you like about working at BSD?

The thing I loved most about working at BSD was being able to really get my teeth into the design element of engineering. I really enjoy being able to visualise how my input would influence the final product. BSD trusted me enough to put my own stamp on designs – with careful guidance, of course.

Another aspect I loved was the office environment. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly that they put me at ease straight away.

How did you hear about BSD?

After I decided that I wanted to do a summer internship, I began researching reputable engineering firms in Birmingham. I was really impressed by BSD’s website and the consultancy seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I got in contact straight away and enquired about work experience opportunities.

Do you have any top tips for interns looking for a placement?

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare

Apply well in advance of your intended start date so you have as much chance as possible of being accepted. Collate your CV and make a list of all the companies you want to apply for, what they do and why you’d want to work for them. It’s important to do your research and go into the interviews with a fair amount of company knowledge under your belt.

  • Practice makes perfect

The second tip I would give is to practise psychometric tests. If you’re looking at engineering, there will be a psychometric test on almost every application so it’s important to nail it.  

  • Pursue!

Get in touch with companies which aren’t necessarily advertising an internship role. Chase what you want. If somewhere you like doesn’t have an opportunity listed, introduce yourself and ask via email. There’s no harm in asking and the worst that can happen is you make a valuable contact that may come to fruition later on in your career.

Finally, what is the most significant thing you have learned from working at BSD?

Aside from all the invaluable experience and knowledge I have gained, the most significant thing I’ve learned at BSD is how much thought and effort goes into the design of everyday objects. I was astounded at how deliberate each piece of engineering was. The thought and consideration that goes into the design of things we take for granted is truly eye opening.

With the new academic year approaching, it may seem a little too soon to consider an internship or graduate scheme but – as Ismail points out – it’s important to apply well in advance of your intended start date. If you’re interested in applying for an internship or a graduate role at BSD, get in touch with our HR coordinator Sam Duell: SamD@bsd.co.uk.