Adam’s Restaurant, Birmingham

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Adam's Restaurant

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Faber Design

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Helping Adam create a unique experience for his diners



Two years after their first pop-up restaurant in Birmingham, Michelin starred chef Adam Stokes wanted to create a new flagship venue in the city he had fallen in love with. His idea was an intimate, approachable dining experience to endorse his full-flavoured signature dishes.


The refurbishment of an existing office space to a Michelin starred restaurant, in the centre of Birmingham, presented many challenges. Lack of access for plant and construction materials and city centre embargo periods are regular urban constraints that affect the whole construction industry.

On this project specifically we had to work around planning restrictions for kitchen extraction at low level in the surrounding environment and accommodate the client’s preference to cook with electricity. Adam prefers not to cook with gas because of the difficulty in maintaining a low, constant temperature which ultimately affects the quality of the dishes.


To resolve the lack of access to the flat roof-space, the air handling plant was stripped down and re-built in situ.

The restaurant will use significantly more electricity and water than the office which previously occupied the building. To achieve this increase in capacity required familiarity with the process and often lengthy negotiations with the utilities companies.


The new restaurant, serving contemporary British fine dining, covers three floors and consist of a bar, main dining room and private dining room. The kitchen and chefs take to the lower ground with a state of the art showcase kitchen along with a spacious and comfortable staff breakout area.