Beckton Waterfront Business Park

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Goodmans (Rosemound)/GLA Joint Venture


PHP Architects

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Building Services Design

Regeneration scheme reduces energy costs and carbon footprint



While the construction of the Olympic Park in East London created a world class sporting venue, it also necessitated the relocation of a number of local businesses. The Beckton Waterfront business park is an Olympic regeneration scheme designed to provide sustainable homes for displaced businesses in 32 light and medium sized industrial units.



The London Plan incorporated a requirement to achieve a 15%  reduction in CO2 emissions for the site, through the use of renewable technologies.



We designed a sustainable solution that is generating 10% of the site’s energy needs from zero carbon sources and also incorporates additional low carbon technologies. We reduced demands on the systems by incorporating ground source heat pumps, heat recovery VRF, daylighting with 2.0% daylight factor, daylight controlled artificial lighting and natural ventilation systems. Some 32m2 of solar thermal and 5,000m2 of photovoltaics were fitted to the two largest buildings (15,000m2 and 9,500m2) to generate electricity and heat on site. We helped futureproof the project by designing an HTHW district heating ring main to enable future connection to a remote power station. Pipework is buried underground with branches to each unit.



The business park met the requirements of the London Plan and achieved a ‘Very Good’ Industrial 1993 BREEAM rating. The 32 businesses that have been relocated now benefit from reduced energy costs and a lower CO2 footprint. These benefits will improve further once the off-site ‘energy waste’  is on stream, which will supply district heating via the infrastructure that has already been designed and put in place.