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BMW Showroom

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Kershaw Mechanical Services


HanburyHird Design

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Building Services Design

Flagship showroom for one of the world’s top car manufacturers



One of the world’s leading marques, BMW has a proud reputation for innovative cars and outstanding customer service. In London, that unique combination of engineeringand upmarket style was to be exemplified in BMW’s new flagship showroom on Park Lane.London was chosen as the venue for the first BMW i Store because of its importance as Europe’s leading mega-city and its influence as a global trend-setter.



The plan incorporated living walls and an extensive lighting scheme with huge plasma screen visual displays.The mechanical services design had to meet the extremely high heat gains produced by the plasma wall and lighting. However, these gains had increased significantly since the conceptual stages and the original concept of using a chilled ceiling simply couldn’t provide sufficient capacity to meet the high cooling loads.


Additional challenges included restricted space for the extensive services required and careful consideration of external noise levels. Eight stories of residential properties are located above the showroom and shared the internal courtyard in which the mechanical plant was to be located.



To overcome the heat gains issue, we proposed transitioning to a VRF system, with the treated air ducted from the concealed fan coil units (FCUs) to linear grilles located at high level. This allowed air to enter the occupied space via recessed shadow gaps along the main boulevard areas of the showroom.


In order to meet the space restrictions, our design incorporated a bespoke multi-split single ductwork arrangement from each FCU, with each multi-split supply air duct providing air to multiple supply grilles along the length of the boulevard. We also specified suitably quiet plant, with additional sound attenuation added to the air intake and discharge from the condenser units.



Part of BMW’s comprehensive ‘Future Retail’ refurbishment programme, the Park Lane premises became the first BMW i Store worldwide. It is a modern, vibrant showroom that offers a completely new brand experience focused on sustainable mobility.