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J Sainsbury’s

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J Sainsbury's / Carmel (UK) Ltd

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Building Services Design

We work with BSD not only for the skills and experience they bring to the job, but also for their enthusiasm and customer service. It's always been a delight to work with them.

John Parkin, Associate Director, Carmel UK Ltd

Long-term relationship with leading retailer



Founded in 1869, Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s most successful retailers, operating over 1,200 supermarkets and convenience stores and employing around 161,000 people.


Working alongside our client Carmel, we are proud to play an important role in helping Sainsbury’s to constantly expand, refresh and refurbish its store network in order to meet the company’s needs as well as the high expectations of shoppers.



Supermarkets rely on complex M&E engineering to deliver the lighting, heating and cooling qualities necessary for an efficient, cost-effective environment while also ensuring that the store provides a contemporary, pleasant and comfortable experience for shoppers. Many stores incorporate additional facilities such as staff rooms and restaurants or coffee lounges, and these create further challenges for the M&E team.


Sainsbury’s new build projects are completed to a fast-track timetable, demanding commitment and extremely timely service, while refurbishments and extensions present the added challenge of a live site. This requires the works to be phased to ensure minimum disruption and that the retail business remains viable throughout the project.



Our work for Sainsbury’s is hugely varied, ranging  from cold aisle retrieval, solar thermal, rainwater harvesting and Centralized CHP, Biomass and GSHP plant to shop, display and emergency lighting.  Sainsbury’s are also committed to the installation of intelligent control and metering systems in a bid to continually reduce their carbon footprint and with the overall goal of obtaining carbon neutrality . However, on all projects, Sainsbury’s and Carmel benefit from a dedicated BSD retail team that offers a proven track record, engineering expertise and extensive understanding of the key factors that contribute to a successful retail project.



To date, we have delivered M&E services to over 100 different Sainsbury’s outlets, from 15,000 sq ft convenience stores to 82,000 sq ft superstores – and the number grows on a monthly basis, as the relationship between BSD, Carmel and Sainsbury’s continues to strengthen.


If you’d like more information on our work for Sainsbury’s, including details of specific projects, please call us on 01536 403304 or email