Soft Landings

Client service and satisfaction are at the heart of what makes BSD different – and we fully embrace the principles behind Soft Landings, the BSRIA-led process designed to assist the construction industry and its clients deliver better buildings.

Visit BSRIA for more details, but in brief Soft Landings helps ensure that a building performs to its full potential from Day One. In practical terms, it means that our project engineers remain engaged and on-hand through the hand-over and into the crucial early period of occupation. By working closely with the contractor, we make sure that snagging is carried out quickly and effectively – this is an important task and clients rightly expect it to be carried out once and once only. We also make sure that the client understands exactly how the building works.

In our view, Soft Landings is not something to be bolted on as an afterthought. It is integral to the process which is why we factor it into the design right from the outset.