Sustainability & Building Performance

Sustainability is a fast-growing and increasingly important aspect of our work. It covers a broad range of issues, from reducing pollution and water consumption to implementing effective management procedures. We draw on the latest energy efficiency techniques and innovations to create buildings that are economic to build, provide excellent value to occupy and support the good health and comfort of our clients’ people.

Our team comprises accredited level 3, 4 and 5 Energy and BREEAM assessors and offer capabilities including:

  • Energy statements and planning advice
  • Alternative energy or LZC feasibility studies
  • Part L compliance and Energy performance certification
  • BREEAM evidence


Working collaboratively with our clients and the design team we create and deliver robust sustainable design strategies that surpass building regulations and address all aspects of a building’s environmental impact.

Before commencing any design work, we undertake a broad assessment of the project’s key environmental, social and economic factors. Once we’ve identified and prioritised any high impact issues, we agree the appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative targets. These targets are the backbone for a framework that is supported and enhanced as the design progresses, ensuring that the design delivers on its promises and that the client enjoys good value throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Building performance

During the early stages of a project, we pay great attention to the client’s requirements and how they are impacted by external drivers. We examine a building’s surroundings and orientation so we can incorporate measures to take advantage of – or protect it from – climate factors such as solar gains and prevailing winds. The sustainability team will then work closely with BSD M&E engineers to insulate the building envelope to retain heat during the winter, reduce infiltration and/or cool the building using thermal mass during the summer. We continually invest in the latest techniques and technologies to keep BSD one step ahead of the competition. For example, dynamic simulation software means that we’re able to quickly and effectively analyse design options and strategies – and identify the optimum solution for the client.

Improving the building form and fabric, as well as designing efficient M&E systems, is always the starting point for an enhanced environmental performance. However, as clients strive to lower their carbon emissions even further, low or zero carbon technology has an increasingly important role to play. Our team has huge experience of many forms of on-site renewables and combined heat and power systems. LZC technology is routinely assessed at concept stage against the building energy profiles and site conditions to deliver the best life cycle cost and meet legislative requirements, taking advantage of the financial incentives available.