Our people

BSD is the sum total of our people, no more and no less. It’s the people behind the proposals, the people who design the services, the people who interact with clients and the people who keep us ticking over day-to-day that make the difference.

We pride ourselves on attracting, training, retaining and rewarding the best in the business. Not just people with the hard skills and technical knowledge necessary to create and execute complex M&E plans – that’s a given, and you can read more about our training and development here. But in our view, the soft ‘people’ skills can be just as important. Our people at every level are encouraged to meet clients, to build relationships and be accountable for their individual roles in the project.

Across BSD, all our teams work hard to make sure that their M&E skills translate directly into benefits for our clients. In return, we do our best to create a working environment that is efficient, rewarding and fun. We want our people to go home energised by a great day’s work – and to return in the morning looking to repeat the experience. So as well as competitive salaries and annual performance reviews, we provide employee benefits including healthcare and pension as well as the smaller things that make the day more enjoyable, such as free tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit.